A Green Oasis in London

The expansive three hundred acres of botanical beauty at London’s Kensington or the Kew Gardens are traditional tourist draws in the London. If one wonders why the Botanical gardens are referred to as the Kew Gardens though it is actually just one garden, it is because initially there had been two estates known as the Kew Estate and the Richmond Estate, later these two estates had been merged to create the Royal Botanical Gardens.

In keeping with its label of being the Royal Botanical gardens, the Kew Gardens are still owned by the Royal Family and in the 1700’s King George II and his wife lived in a mansion on the property. The first botanical garden on the property was started by the widow of their son-Prince Fredrick, she had started the Botanical garden on a nine acre piece of land and had the buildings designed by Lord Bute and Architect William Chambers, the present day buildings of Orangery, Pagoda, and Ruined Arch were actually constructed during this period.

A far cry from those days, today’s Kew Gardens is a mix of greenhouses and open space. On a much more serious note the Kew Gardens also maintains a research centre that develops new varieties of agricultural crops and continuously upgrades horticultural practices. The various greenhouses display a variety of plants from across the world in carefully controlled climates. The most recognizable buildings on the Kew Gardens are the Chinese pagoda and Queen Charlottes’ pretty little summerhouse.

Some of the most interesting exhibits are the Evolution of Plant life exhibition, where visitors can observe how plant life became more complex and evolved through out millions of years. Another interesting exhibit of particular interest to children would be the Badger’s Sett which lays out the tunnels and burrows of a Badger’s underground lair.

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